Brass Recycling in Austin, TX


Brass Recycling in Austin, TX

Did you know that you can recycle brass? You can recycle old keys, dented cymbals, outdated door handles and lighting fixtures, plumbing leftovers, and even brass shell casings here at Austin Metal and Iron. Our two convenient locations at East 4th and Decker Lane make it easy to drop off your scrap brass for recycling.

What Is Brass?

Like bronze, brass is a copper alloy; to make brass, copper is blended with zinc. Brass isn't always a 'brassy' gold color. It can range from warm red through chocolate to a silvery hue. The color and other properties such as hardness and corrosion resistance are a result of different metals like tin and lead that are added to the brass blend.

Durable yet malleable brass doesn't send sparks flying when struck with a hammer or other piece of metal. Maybe that's why it is the metal of choice for cymbals. Its malleability also makes it ideal for other instruments in the brass section of an orchestra.

Looking into recycling brass shells? The durability of brass makes it the metal of choice for shell casings and plumbing parts, while its excellent thermal conductivity makes it useful in heat exchange applications. All in all, decorative and functional brass is a very versatile metal.

Scrap Brass Is Valuable

Brass recycling is quick, easy, and profitable at Austin Metal and Iron. Bring your scrap brass or other metals in, and a team member will weigh them. We'll then give you a free quote for purchasing your scrap metal.

After purchasing your metal, we'll sort it and send each type to an appropriate processing facility. We will recycle it into new products, which can eventually be recycled again when they have outlived their usefulness, and so, the cycle continues.

The environmental benefits of this kind of repeated recycling are enormous. If more people participated, it would have an incalculable impact on the number of necessary but environmentally harmful landfills.

Brass Can Be Recycled Over & Over Again

When brass ends up in the landfill, it's there forever, like all metals. Instead of taking up valuable landfill space, metals should be recycled. There are many benefits to doing so.

Virgin ores are a limited natural resource, and mining them requires significant energy expenditure. It isn't exactly environmentally friendly, either. Recycling brass and other metals is a much better solution to the need for metals in all aspects of our lives.

Unlike recycling efforts aimed at paper, cardboard, and plastic, metal recycling can occur perpetually without the material ever wearing out or losing its valuable properties. Glass is the only other material the site can repeatedly recycle without degrading and becoming useless.

Endlessly recycling brass and other metals into myriad new products reduces the need for mining, lowers energy usage, conserves landfill space, and saves money. It can even put some cash in your pocket in the process!

Why Choose Austin Metal & Iron for Brass Recycling?

At Austin Metal and Iron, we have been recycling brass and other metals for more than one hundred years. Brothers Jim and Sam Novy set up the very first metal recycling facility in Austin way back in 1913. Our family has continued their legacy of honest and reliable metal recycling ever since.

If you have unwanted metal items for sale, we'll buy them at a fair price and ensure they stay out of the landfill. Our long-standing relationships with metal mills allow us to weather fluctuating market conditions and pay you top prices for your scrap metal.

We accept all types of brass for recycling, as well as:

Let Us Handle Your Brass Recycling

Don't let your valuable, but no longer needed, brass and other metal items hit the landfill. Bring them to Austin Metal and Iron instead. Walk away with money in your pocket and the satisfaction of knowing that your items are on their way to becoming something brand new. Contact Austin Metal and Iron today if you have questions about brass recycling.