Steel Recycling in Austin, TX

Steel and stainless steel recycling in Austin TX

Steel products help facilitate technological innovation, resulting in significant production of this iron alloy each year. Steel is a component of most items we use in our daily lives. You can find this essential material in everything from kitchen utensils to cargo ships. Luckily, stainless steel recycling offers an excellent way to reuse the materials repeatedly, reducing the need for producing more.

Steel Recycling in Texas

At Austin Metal & Iron, we recycle different types of steel. Our recycling facility minimizes the environmental impact of the steel industry. Steel is 100% recyclable without suffering any degradation of its properties. Because of this, our scrap metal recycling centers in Austin, TX, can help the steel industry continuously reuse it for many new purposes.

Steel consists of iron and carbon, offering high strength at a low cost. Stainless and other types of steel may include additional elements as well. This type of metal recycling saves energy and preserves essential materials by minimizing steel production.

Our family-owned company processes tons of steel each year, working with steel mills to conserve this scrap metal. Whether you are an individual, an Austin, TX business, or a construction company, we can help you responsibly dispose of your items.

Stainless Steel Recycling

Manufacturers engineer this kind of steel in different grades and finishes, depending on its intended use. It contains iron, chromium, nickel, and molybdenum. This shiny material is highly sustainable with superior corrosion resistance and complete recyclability.

Some of its many uses include:

  • Storing food

  • Producing food

  • Constructing buildings or other structures

  • Manufacturing dental and surgical instruments

  • Making kitchen utensils and cookware

  • Creating interior and exterior lighting products

  • Brewing beer

You can find this polished steel in refrigerators, tabletops, sinks, screws, nuts, bolts, storage tanks, and much more. This alloy has a long life span and is in high demand due to its many applications, making it a valuable commodity in the metal industry. More than half of all newly produced stainless steel is from recycled scrap.

Steel is the most commonly recycled material, creating many benefits for the environment. In addition to keeping items out of the landfill, stainless steel recycling decreases waste, reduces costs, and saves energy. Recycling steel lessens CO2 emissions and preserves significant amounts of iron ore, coal, and water by minimizing new production needs.

Expert Scrap Metal Recycling Center in Austin, TX

At Austin Metal & Iron, we have extensive experience recycling steel and other scrap metals. We offer fair prices and a straightforward process to ensure your steel items do not end up in the landfill. After over 100 years in the business, we know our work is more important than ever before. Contact us today to learn how to do your part for the environment today by recycling steel and other metals. You can also reach out by calling one of our two Austin, TX locations on East 4th (512) 477-4640 or Decker Lane (512) 272-8111.

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