Copper Recycling From Austin Metal


When completing a renovation project on an older property, a common type of accumulated material is scrap copper piping or wiring. Before throwing out the excess material, consider turning it into cash through copper recycling at Austin Metal and Iron's scrapyard services. Recycling your copper is not only mutually beneficial between the individual and the business, but also beneficial for the environment. The process is easy and fast, and an experienced team member is available to assist you all along the way.

Types of Scrap Copper

Scrap copper can come from several different sources and is most likely to be found during a home or commercial building renovation. Old scrap piping is typically replaced with modern piping that is easier and less expensive to manage and repair. Copper is also found in the wiring of products such as Christmas lights, cables, and phone cords. Computers and other electronic gadgets may also have copper parts within the components. The good news is that most sources of copper are recyclable and can help you earn money in exchange for bringing it to a scrap yard for processing.

What Happens During Scrap Recycling

Once you drop off your scrap for recycling, your materials will be weighed, and you will be paid for your items. At that point, your job is done, and you can leave it up to the team to process the materials. Scrap copper is processed to remove any impurities, then broken down, melted, and formed into thin rods for reuse.

Recycle Your Scrap Copper

Recycling your scrap metal helps you do your part to take care of the environment while earning cash for yourself and supporting a local business at the same time. If you have copper wiring or piping to recycle, contact Austin Metal and Iron to learn more about your options or drop by one of the two convenient Austin area locations.

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