• Metal Recycling Center in Austin TX

    Serving Austin for over 100 years

  • We recycle all metals.

    Serving Austin for over 100 years

  • Commercial Metal Recycling Service in Austin TX

    Serving Austin for over 100 years

  • A family-owned business in Austin since 1913.

    Serving Austin for over 100 years

  • Founders Jim and Sam Novy in 1913

Oldest Metal Recycling Company in Austin

  • At Austin Metal & Iron Co. L.P., we’ve been recycling aluminum, copper, iron, and other scrap metals for over 100 years. After all that time, we know that the work we’re doing is more important now than ever. Same family owned and operated since 1913.
  • If it’s metal, we buy it.

Original Founders: brothers Jim and Sam Novy in 1913 setting up the first metal recycling facility in Austin, TX.

Austin Metal & Iron has served the metal recycling industry in the Austin area for more than 100 years. During that time, the company has adapted to changes in the industry and developed long-term, solid relationships with associated mills in the area. Metal recycling is more important than ever, and you can do your part to help scrap metal come full circle into new products. With a simple process and a free quote to let you know how much you will be paid for your items, the team at Austin Metal & Iron is ready to work with you for all of your scrap metal recycling needs.

The Importance of Recycled Scrap Metal

Recycling scrap metal provides a benefit to everyone involved. As an individual, you can gather your scrap or arrange for a pick-up and receive payment once it is collected and weighed. Austin Metal & Iron works with mills to recycle these products and reduce their environmental impact. The scraps are melted down or otherwise processed to become materials that produce new products. The company accepts many different scrap metal recycling products.

The Scrap Metal Recycling Process

When you decide to collect scrap metal for recycling, your part of the process is easy. Once your items have been collected and you have been paid, the materials are sorted into type at the facility. Once a certain amount of each type has been collected, they are able to be sent off for processing, which usually involves being melted down using a specialized high-temperature furnace. The melted metal is poured into molds and is solidified into sheets or bricks of metal. These items are then sold to companies who can use them to produce new products. Recycled metals have many commercial uses and are an important part of the production lines of many industries.

Recycle Your Scrap Metal

If you have scrap metals of any kind that can be recycled, it is important to bring them to your local Austin scrap metal recycling company or arrange a pick up for larger items. Doing your part to make sure metals are reused into different products has larger implications on the environment and the community. If you have any questions about the scrap metal recycling process or need to find out more information about drop off or pick up, contact Austin Metal & Iron today for more information. We have two locations. Call our downtown location at (512) 477-4640 or out on Decker Lane at (512) 272-8111.

Best of Austin Winner 2016

Best of Austin Winner 2016

Voted 2016 Best of Austin by the Austin Chronicle.

Proler Award

Proler Award

  • Recipient of the Proler Award which is given for the outstanding achievement, distinguished leadership, and contribution to the metal recycling industry.
Container services

Container services

  • We provide roll-off boxes, metal boxes of all sizes, flipper buckets, and trailers for our commercial customers at no charge. Please call us today and let us start recycling your metal scrap.

2 Austin locations

2 Austin locations

  • 2 convenient locations that make recycling metal easy. Our headquarters sits 1 block east of I-35 next to downtown Austin and sits on 2.5 square blocks. Our second location sits on 17 acres and is at 290 and Decker Lane.


top market pricing

Being in business for over 100 years has its perks. We have long standing relationships with mills that allows us to pay top prices for scrap metal in all market conditions.

  • Austin's Oldest Scrap Yard

COMMUNITY Involvement

  • Our company and principals have a long history of believing in our community and supporting local nonprofits. We donate time as well as money to great organizations that help a variety of areas including but not limited to healthcare for the needed, education, environmental quality, and cancer research.

"one of the coolest local business you've never heard of."

In the middle of this amazing town, this rapidly growing technology center, is a three acre scrapyard. Iron, steel, aluminum, tons of it quite literally. Austin Metal and Iron one of the coolest local business you've never heard of. View our video below, and check out our media page for more content!

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