Acceptable Items for Recycling

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Make Extra Money by Recycling Your Household Metal

Did you know you can recycle household items? You may be surprised at how much money you have lying around your kitchen, garage, storage building, living rooms, and bedrooms. If you have a load of items you no longer need that you have marked for Goodwill donations, think again. If they are recyclable metal, Austin Metal & Iron is interested in buying them.

Metals for Recycling

Virtually everything we use in our daily lives has some amount of metal content. Unfortunately, too much scrap ends up in landfills. Recycling is a much more environmentally friendly way to dispose of them.

There are several metals for recycling that we are pleased to accept:

Recycle Household Items

Recycling your household items helps to keep our environment cleaner for future generations. There are many common items in your home that contain metals for recycling. Some examples include:

  • Appliances
  • Bicycles
  • Cans
  • Computers
  • Containers
  • Copper pipes, tubes, and wires
  • Metal patio furniture
  • Pots and pans
  • Sinks and faucets
  • Other odds and ends
  • Window frames

Recycle Vehicles

Did you just buy a property that has junk cars? Do you have a farm with old tractors or equipment? Those can still be worth money. Any steel, iron, or aluminum parts, such as wheels, engine parts, radiators, transmissions, shells, frames, motors, and more, may be eligible for recycling.

Almost 86% of the material from vehicles can be recycled. One of the most recycled materials from vehicles is steel. More than 18 million tons of auto steel are recycled each year. Since there is no limit to how many times metal can be recycled, you can continue to make money repeatedly by recycling your old metal while making some extra cash.

Metals That Aren't Recyclable

While there are many metals for recycling, there are some that are not recyclable. They include:

  • Items that contain mercury
  • Materials or containers that held chemicals, or toxic or infectious materials
  • Munitions scrap
  • Needles and medical waste metal
  • Pressurized containers like fire extinguishers
  • Radioactive metal

Clean Up the Junk in Your Home and Help the Earth

Recycling saves energy, keeps landfills free of bulk, and reduces water pollution. Used metal recycling takes less energy than making new metal. That means that we not only save energy to heat and light homes and businesses, but we reduce dangerous greenhouse emissions. Recycling scrap metal turns what once was waste into a non-depleting, continuous resource.

Recycle Your Metals at Austin's Oldest Metal Recycling Company

Austin Metal & Iron has been in business since 1913. For over 100 years, we have helped keep our environment cleaner by recycling scrap metal. Contact Austin Metal and Iron to get a quote, or drop by one of the two convenient Austin area locations.

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