Car Recycling

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Did you know that cars are recyclable? That's right, nearly 90% of the materials in a defunct vehicle can go into making a new one. At Austin Metal & Iron, we'll pay you for a non-working vehicle and recycle it in an environmentally responsible way. Not only will you be getting that old beater out of your driveway (and keeping its bulk out of the landfill), but you'll also be making money in the process!

We buy more than just cars, too. Trucks, vans, motorcycles, dirt bikes, RVs, boats, farm machinery, horse trailers, and other trailers are all recyclable. Even old airplanes can fly again through the process of recycling!


Every year in the United States, approximately 15 million vehicles are recycled. Motor vehicles are the most recycled consumer products in the entire world. Considering how much of each vehicle is recyclable, vehicle recycling has enormous environmental benefits. Besides recyclable metal, vehicles also contain pretty large amounts of recyclable glass and plastic.

Steel is the main component of a vehicle being recycled, and over 18 million tons of steel are recovered yearly from recycled vehicles. Much of that steel probably goes into new vehicles. And since metal can be recycled repeatedly, your new car could contain steel from your great-great grandfather's Tin Lizzie!


Recycling metal takes much less energy and water than it takes to produce from raw ore. Recycling metal only uses about a quarter of the energy needed to make new metal from ore and dramatically reduces emissions from the smelting process. Not to mention the environmental impact of mining that ore in the first place! Once refined, metal can be recycled endlessly, reducing the need for mining and refining new ore.

Recycling vehicles also keeps bulk out of our landfill and reduces soil and water pollution from the car's fluids and other toxic materials. A vehicle typically contains gas or diesel, oil, brake lubricant, power steering, transmission fluids, coolant/antifreeze, and windshield liquid. Older vehicles (before 2003) also contain poisonous mercury in the switches used in their anti-lock brakes.

Professional recyclers will carefully remove all toxic materials before recycling a car or other vehicle. Then they will responsibly dispose of these environmentally hazardous materials so they don't pollute our soil or water.

Recycling an old or otherwise useless vehicle is an environmentally responsible choice to earn you cash. Recycle if you have a vehicle that has been seriously damaged or even totaled in a wreck! The same goes for vehicles that would be too expensive to repair, including hybrid and electric vehicles.

Vehicles contain large amounts of recyclable metals like iron, steel, and aluminum. Even spare car parts such as wheels and rims, batteries, radiators, catalytic converters, engines, transmissions, frames, and more are often worth money when recycled. Why let them rust away into nothingness when you can get cash for them instead?


Then look no further than Austin Metal & Iron! We have over a hundred years of experience recycling automobiles, starting with the original Model Ts. Nowadays, we recycle all kinds of vehicles and vehicle parts. If you have a vehicle, or vehicle parts, that you would like to recycle, call us today at (512) 477-4640!

You'll leave with money in hand and the satisfaction of knowing that your old vehicle will someday become something shiny and new instead of rusting away in the landfill. We call that a double win!