Aluminum Recycling in Austin Texas

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Aluminum Recycling in Austin Texas

Excess scrap metal does not have to pile up on your home or business property, and it also does not have to end up in a landfill. Austin Metal and Iron scrap yard services allow you to recycle your scrap and receive payment. This process benefits you, the business, the community, and the environment making it a win-win for all involved. One of the most common types of scrap metal residents and business owners have on hand is scrap aluminum. Austin Metal and Iron can handle all of your aluminum recycling needs with a convenient process and excellent customer service.

What Aluminum Products Can Be Recycled?

When most people think of aluminum, aluminum cans or foil may come to mind. Aluminum cans are a common source of this material. Recycling them is often as easy as throwing them in a recycling bin and dropping them off at a recycling location. When it comes to heavy, bulk scrap metal that needs to be processed at a scrap yard, one of the common sources is the cast aluminum found in car parts such as engine blocks. Utilizing the expertise of the crew at Austin and Metal Iron, you can find out which of your scrap metal products have aluminum and then bring them in for recycling or schedule a pick up of bulk materials.

What Happens to Aluminum When it is Recycled?

Scrap aluminum goes through a multi-step recycling process before it is made available for reuse. After you have brought in your scrap and received payment for your materials, it is sent to a processing center for treatment. The first step is to isolate the aluminum from any type of coating that may be present through a cleaning and melting process. The isolated, molten aluminum is then allowed to cool in block form, often referred to as metal ingots. The ingots can then be sent to various mills to be re-used in products. At these mills, the aluminum ingots are reheated and rolled flat for easier manipulation. Many modern products, from cans to food packages, are made from recycled aluminum scrap.

How to Recycle Aluminum at Austin Metal and Iron

Suppose you have scrap metal that you think may include recyclable materials such as aluminum, copper, steel, brass, or iron. In that case, you can bring your items to one of the two convenient Austin, Texas, area scrap yard facilities at East 4th Street and Decker Lane. For large commercial recycling projects, a container can be dropped off on-site and picked up when the project is complete. Once the scrap arrives at the scrapyard, it will be identified and weighed to give you the best price for your materials. After you receive payment, your job is complete, and you can rest assured that your scrap is being recycled into more products instead of taking up space at a landfill or on your property.

Why Choose Austin Metal and Iron?

Austin Metal and Iron has been in operation for over 100 years and is currently family owned and operated. With two locations in the area, East 4th St and Decker Lane. Austin residents can choose which one is more convenient for drop off. The experienced staff walks you through the entire process to make you feel comfortable that you receive correct information and a fair price for the value of your items. If you have any questions about the process or have items that need to be recycled, contact Austin Metal and Iron for more information or Call us at (512) 272-8111.

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